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The International School of the Golden Rosycross

The Universal Teaching

There is one Truth, but every person acts according is own truth.
There is one Love, but every person expresses it in his own way.
There is one Wisdom, but every person has his own thoughts about it.
We address all the people with a spiritual orientation. These people long for this Truth, this Love and this Wisdom. In our longing, in our desire, we are one. It is the universal element which makes us one mankind. We are all travellers on the on the path of liberation; we all share the dream of freeing ourselves from our slave state. Freedom, yes, freedom!

We, as pupils of the International School of the Golden Rosycross, believe that there is a Universal Teaching. Although we can speak or write about it, the essence of the Universal Teaching is Strength, Light and Love. This Teaching is eternal and indestructible; it is omnipresent and wants to be known by mankind. It calls us; it invites us to open our heart and soul for a force which will transform us. We call this transformation: transfiguration. In the process of transfiguration, the original fallen human being is restored to his original glory as a three-unity of Spirit, Soul and Body.

The process of transfiguration solves all problems of mankind: illness, hunger, fear, war… Why? Because the soul of a transfigured human being is eternal, it has conquered death and needs no longer to incarnate on earth. The regenerated human is no longer a slave of the material circumstances: he is free and develops himself in harmony with the heavenly laws of Gods Universe!

The International School of the Golden Rosycross

One of the tasks of the School of the Golden Rosycross is to inform all ‘seekers’, all people who have a longing to return Home, of this path of liberation. Then later, if somebody really decides that he wants to go this path, the School provides all the possible means to make the liberating path a reality in his life. If we look to the physical side, we see: buildings, literature, services, conferences and all kinds of meetings where pupils exchange information and support each other. But the real strength of the School is not found in material things: the real mystery lies in the force field.

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The Force Field

The force field makes it possible to convert theory into practice, to live a liberating life! Every force field is a magnetic field: a field which radiates a certain type of energy according its vibration level. As nature born people we live in the force field of our planet, we breathe, we assimilate the etheric and astral forces of the earth. Hence we understand that the earth is our mother, but also our prison. If we want to free ourselves from the ever changing material circumstances, we need to assimilate other, higher, radiations.

The founders of the School of the Golden Rosycross, Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri, were people with a connection to a higher reality, to the world of the Living Soul. They assimilated these higher forces and spread them around themselves and their pupils. In this way a force field of unearthly quality started to grow. The group and their leaders worked many years to develop, improve and purify this force field. When the vibration level reached a certain criterion, this force field became connected to the force fields of the ancient gnostic brotherhoods. All gnostic brotherhoods, like the Essenes, the Manichaeans, the Bogomils, the Cathars, the Rosicrucians from the 17th century, had force fields which still exist in our present day. All these force fields form one mighty body, a universal chain of unearthly powers. That is why we call the School of the Golden Rosycross also the young gnostic brotherhood: it is the youngest member of this family!

Now we understand that the force field of our school is supported from below by the pupils, and from above by a hierarchy of advanced beings which work for the liberation of mankind. The force field gives to a person the strength, that is the possibility, and the light, that is the understanding, to advance on the path of liberation.

The School of the Golden Rosycross concentrates this force field in its temples. The temple is for us a working place, a focal point of an unearthly liberating force. In the temple we assimilate most directly the forces which are needed for the transformation, the regeneration of our soul.